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Since June 2014, Coast to Coast has provided high-quality cannabis products to customers in the Los Angeles area. We understand that the California cannabis industry is still in its relative infancy, and will continue to change, as it has since 1996. Rather than let industry trends dictate how we do business, we strive to be leaders in the industry. Providing an enjoyable and informative in-store experience and offering only the highest quality products are our mission’s core tenets. Our vertically integrated business model, decades of cultivation experience, and our knowledgeable staff help bring these principles to life across our locations.

Marijuana Store in Downtown Los Angeles, CA | Recreational Marijuana Store Canoga Park, CA | Cannabis Dispensary Huntington Park, CA

At Coast to Coast, we are determined to operate on the cutting edge, while maintaining consistent products and experiences for years.

Helping people through cannabis is our passion, and every aspect of Coast to Coast operates toward providing the highest standards in sustainability, quality, and safely fostering a loving environment for both our plants and customers for years to come.


  • To continue improving the quality of lives by providing safe, dignified and affordable access to medicinal and recreational cannabis.
  • To educate consumers to find the most efficacious tailored care customized to fit both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers’ needs.
  • To provide the highest quality of cannabis products from trusted brands delivered with integrity and fairness from our knowledgeable staff.
  • To bring authenticity and originality to CA cannabis consumers by curating and providing access to safe, high-quality products from industry-leading brands at affordable prices.

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